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"My Elmo now, mhm"

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Everyday gets better :)
Anonymous asked

It does

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True life

My One year Old is Mean

super mean

she made a 5 year old cry

shes one..

*deep breaths*

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Making mommy friends

I’m so happy

now its not like I have a double life when I hang out with people


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It doesn’t even matter if I love you more than anyone else in this damn world, you don’t want me.
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since when has it become okay

To look down on someone or belittle them because they’re a single parent?

I hear people say all the time ” Oh she screwed up her life by keeping the baby”

or “He had such a bright future before he decided to become a parent”

it shouldn’t be that way. trust me when I say single parents know how hard and difficult life is going to be. But putting your child first should never be a reason to judge someone. Ever.

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I’m a kickass mom, everyone wants to judge the single teen mom

But for what? Is my child taken care of? Is my child thriving? Is my child safe?

Yes she is.

I’m a mom, but thats not all I am. Im a 19 year old single parent working my ass off so my child will never have to be without anything.

I can still have fun, I can make new friends, I can still date

Being a mom doesn’t stop me from living my life

It just means my kid will come before anyone or anything else

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The day Lana found a dinosaur

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Mini update on Lana

She’s so sassy, all the time
She walks everywhere and tries to put on my makeup -__-

Shes forgetting who “Dada” is so I guess thats a good thing

She is supppper jealous if I hold another baby

Her new favorite word is “boobies”
And shes always putting food in my bra

She hates meeting new people and always gives them a mean look before running away

She tells me “NO” when I tell her we have to go in. (She loves the outdoors)

She loves taking her medicine (ironic)

She loves playing with my hair and leaving food in it

She size 18-24 months
Size 4-5 diapers (depending on the brand)
Size 5 shoe

She lovesssss shopping, and even though shes almost 2, I let her pick out what she likes lol

She likes getting her nails painted

And shes such a Mommies girl

Shes my beautiful creation and I dont understand how I got so lucky