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Personally- 18+ is not a "teen parent". I don't even know why people like to label themselves as such.


18 is a legal adult.
18 is old enough to rent a place, get a job, etc.
18 means you’ve probably already graduated high school.

Teen parents-
have to still finish school,
can’t get financed anywhere,
can’t get a credit card,
can’t rent in most places,
are more than likely to still rely…

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Made Lana’s Easter basket, granted I’ll probably eat most of the candy, but its so cute ❤️

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Seeing everyone’s babies makes my ovaries want to explode

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Lana told me to shut up

This isn’t suppose to be happening at 1 years old!!!!

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If you can’t make me laugh, how would you make me cum ?

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How to show your friends their not ready to have a kid

Leave your kid with them for 5 minutes and see who freaks out first

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Had to officially take down Lana’s crib


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Lovealwaysangelairene: Of course you sexy beautiful milf, you’d make my babies drop dead gorgeous

GAHHH this needs to happen

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Fun fact people

I’m allowed to be a mom and like sex


Shit, I know right

It’s not like, ya’know I have a child that resulted from sex

Sorry I’m not sacred and pure